Set #5

Edible chalk from Orenburg and Belgorod regions of Russia

Dear Customers, presented 6 species sawn and pressed chalk and chalk+clay.
Each species weighing about 75g. 
The total weight of 450 grams.
As you get 3 free samples (weighing 3-5 grams).
1. Chalk+clay  "Bamboo" - Crispy, a little stick, as a part of chalk and clay, bentonite, bites is difficult, the taste of writing paper.
2. Chalk+clay "Iris" is a mixture of chalk and blue clay. At the touch of a velvety, medium density. When chewing crunches and turns into a creamy, enveloping mass. Taste dominated blue clay.
3. Chalk+clay "Sunday" - When nibble crunches then poses as the ice cream. Very delicate. This yummy, creamy toffee flavor, crisp and fast-melting, sticks a little bit. It consists of chalk and kaolin clay.
4. Chalk "Sawn Orenburgsky" solid, crispy, creamy taste with a crayon, taste whitewash.
5. Chalk "Sawn Belgorodsky" chalk milk, with a crunch bites, it crackles and melts in your mouth. Taste pure chalk. A lot of chalk dust, get your hands dirty. The bars are standard and nonstandard mixed.
6. "Pressed" chalk from Belgorod region. Salt and fresh. Loud crunches and turns into a cream.
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Weight: 0.45 Kg
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