Set #3


This lot presents chalk+clay "Bamboo", "Sundae", "Iris", "Zapsele", "Bulgakov" & "Pretty Boy".

6 types clay+chalk, total weight 420 gr. Each type of ~ 70 gr..

The composition includes chalk and clay without additives.

1. Chalk+clay "Sundae"
When nibble crunches then conceals a delicious ice cream. Very delicate.
This yummy, creamy toffee flavor, crisp and fast-melting, sticks a little bit.

2. Chalk+clay "Bamboo"

Crispy, a little stick, as a part of chalk and clay, bentonite, bites is difficult, the taste of writing paper.

3. Chalk+clay Iris

is a mixture of chalk and blue clay. At the touch of a velvety, medium density. When chewing crunches and turns into a creamy, enveloping mass. Taste dominated blue clay.

4. "Pretty Boy"
The color of his blue-gray it looks like clay, well, probably all the same it chalk+clay! Hard, but easy to chew, muffled crunches, then turns into an oily-greasy gruel that stick to the teeth as clay, with no grains like, well, even if there are a couple of pieces, they just lie in the harbor. Generally resembles butter it is a little bit of chew in his mouth and the pieces begin to melt. The smell of milk. When you chew a smell of damp earth, herbs. Very tasty.

5. "Bulgakov" a muffled crunching turns first into grains and then to a pulp, fat, creamy, soft chalk. It looks like kaolin.
Crude Bulgakov is - bliss !!!! This is a completely different taste! Gentle and soft piece that instantly melts in your mouth turning into a butter cream.

6.Sumy chalk+clay "Zapsele"
Chalk good medium density.
Crunchy, creamy, velvety, melt-in-mouth fat gruel + delicate grain


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