Set #4


This set includes chalk and clay of natural origin.

1. "Sumy"

it is quite soft and gentle chalk, which is easy to bite off a characteristic crunch. It has a pleasant taste of dampness, reminiscent of the smell of wet concrete. Mel, soaked in water, the moisture will emit fragrance after the rain. Slightly sticky to the teeth than like still and white clay. The finish - pleasant, similar to the taste of writing paper.

2. "Pretty Boy"
The color of his blue-gray it looks like clay, well, probably all the same it chalk+clay! Hard, but easy to chew, muffled crunches, then turns into an oily-greasy gruel that stick to the teeth as clay, with no grains like, well, even if there are a couple of pieces, they just lie in the harbor. Generally resembles butter it is a little bit of chew in his mouth and the pieces begin to melt. The smell of milk. When you chew a smell of damp earth, herbs. Very tasty.

3. "Bulgakov" a muffled crunching turns first into grains and then to a pulp, fat, creamy, soft chalk. It looks like kaolin.
Crude Bulgakov is - bliss!!! This is a completely different taste! Gentle and soft piece that instantly melts in your mouth turning into a butter cream.

4. Sumy chalk+clay "Zapsele"
Chalk good medium density.
Crunchy, creamy, velvety, melt-in-mouth fat gruel + delicate grain

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