Set #1

Edible chalk from Orenburg and Belgorod regions of Russia
Dear customers, want to present to your attention a special offer. 400 gr. Belgorod chalk of the highest quality, at a very attractive price. 
The proposal submitted by the 5 species of chalk.
Each type of 80 grams.
The total weight of 400 grams.

When you purchase you get 3 free sample. (Each sample weight 3-5gr).



1. "Vatutin" - solid chalk, recalls baked milk, sweet, bold, creamy taste. In mouth turns into a thick mush, almost no
grain. Delicious.

2. "Valuychik" - crackles loudly, turning to mush, taste freshly whitewashed porch, bold, creamy as cream. Delicious chalk. At the end, a little sweet.

3. "Volokonovka # 1" - solid, taste milk, cream. Bites loud, easy to chew, grain-free, fat-soluble stiff porridge.

4. "Vasilpole" - loud crunches, turns into a sticky porridge with grains. The taste of the raw door, too greasy, like clay and chalk.

5. "Sevryukovo" - velvet chalk, easy to bite looks like chalk mixed with kaolin, a chalky taste as fresh as if he had just brought from the chalk pit.


Price: 10.00 USD
plus shipping
Weight: 0.4 Kg
Quantity in stock: 10

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