Set #2

Edible chalk from Orenburg and Belgorod regions of Russia.
Dear customers, want to present to your attention a special offer. 400 gr. Belgorod chalk of the highest quality, at a very attractive price. 
The proposal submitted by the 5 species of chalk.
Each type of 50 grams.
The total weight of 400 grams.
1. "White Mountain". Chalk classical medium density. Bites from ringing crunch when chewing grain + paste. It has a bright creamy taste chalky.
2. "Suburban" - covered in chalk dust, very dirty hands, bite easily crunches smartly, moderately hard, reminiscent of the structure of shortbread biscuits, a small speck, not greasy, the smell of wet asphalt. A pure chalky taste. Some pieces of unleavened.
3. "Summer". Deaf bite melts and turns into a pulp with small grains, the taste of dampness, dry sort of chalk, but with a milky taste.
4. "Stary Oskol" - pure chalky taste, not greasy, not dry, everything in moderation. Melts in your mouth, it turns to mush with grains. Delicious chalk.
5. "Novy Oskol" - monolithic, dense, very crisp, in the Cretaceous pollen. Favorite crayons. Very crisp, crunching through, creamy taste of milk and herbs.
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