Set #3

Edible chalk from Orenburg and Belgorod regions of Russia.
Dear customers, want to present to your attention a special offer. 900 gr. Belgorod chalk of the highest quality, at a very attractive price. 
The proposal submitted by the 11 species of chalk.

Each type of 80 - 85 grams.

The total weight of 900 grams..

As you get 6 free samples.(Free samples weighing 3-5 grams.)
1. "Vatutin" - solid chalk, reminded me of baked milk, sweet, fat, milk, turns into a thick mush, almost no 
grains. Very tasty.
2. "Valuychik" crunches loudly, turning into mush, taste freshly whitewashed porch, bold, creamy as cream. Delicious chalk. In the end a little bit sweet.
3. "Volokonovka # 1" - a solid, pleasant milky taste, creamy. Bites loudly, chew easily, without grains, soluble fatty stiff porridge.
4. "Vasilpole" - loud crunches is turning into a sticky mush with grains. The taste of the raw door, too greasy like a clay and chalk.
5. "Sevryukovo" - velvet chalk, easy to bite, it seem like as if the chalk mixed with kaolin, a chalky taste so fresh, as if the chalk just brought from the quarry.
6. "White Mountain". Chalk classical medium density. Bites from ringing crunch when chewing grain + paste. It has a bright creamy taste chalky.
7. "Suburban" - covered in chalk dust, very dirty hands, bite easily crunches smartly, moderately hard, reminiscent of the structure of shortbread biscuits, a small speck, not greasy, the smell of wet asphalt. A pure chalky taste. some pieces of unleavened.
8. "Summer". Deaf bite melts and turns into a pulp with small grains, the taste of dampness, dry sort of chalk, but with a milky taste.
9. "Stary Oskol". Pure chalky taste, not greasy, not dry, everything in moderation. Melts in your mouth, it turns to mush with grains. delicious chalk.
10. "Noviy Oskol" monolithic, dense, very crisp, in the Cretaceous pollen. Favorite crayons. Very crisp, crunching through, creamy taste of milk and herbs.
11. "Bulgakov". Deaf crunches converted first into grains and then to a pulp, fat, creamy, soft chalk. It looks like kaloin
Crude Bulgakov it's - bliss!!! This is a very different taste !! Gentle and soft piece that instantly melts in your mouth in invent butter cream
Price: 20.00 USD
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Weight: 0.9 Kg
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