Shilajit is a complex of natural ingredients: hippuric acid, urea, proteins, amino acids, vitamins Rupp series B, C, A, enzymes, steroid compounds, essential oils, and others.
Balanced combination of a variety of organic and mineral compounds that make up the mummy (organic acids, amino acids, more than 30 micro-and macro, etc.), determines its wide range of activities.
Shilajit taken as a tonic and tonic that enhances the body's defenses, normalizes mineral metabolism, accelerating the regeneration of tissues, has anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial action.
Shilajit is a very complex in their chemical composition and structure of a substance that is produced only in some mountainous regions of the earth.
In ancient oriental literature, a lot of mention of effective therapeutic properties of mummies. About seventy treatises and medical reference carry a huge number of references to the widespread use of ancient mummies by doctors as a means of enhancing the regenerative processes in different tissues of the body, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, tonic preparation.

Particularly effective Altai mummy helps in the treatment of several diseases of the following:

-Treatment Of burns, scars, stretch marks on the body.
-When Urinary tract disease: the treatment of cystitis.
-Shilajit Perfectly treats gastrointestinal diseases: the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcer treatment.
-The counting that the mummy is one of the best remedies for the treatment of allergies and a constant, schematic reception mummy allergy is not worried.
-Shilajit One of the most powerful agents in the treatment of acne and acne.
Acne and pimples - it is an ordeal for a teenager, about 70% of young people suffer from acne up to 30 years.
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